New summer 2016 |  MicroMetric® Parametric EQ

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The µMetric is a studio grade single channel parametric equalizer in the smallest form factor possible. Despite the small footprint, the µMetric utilizes a custom internal boost power supply to generate +/-15VDC rails to maintain high performance and headroom. The single filter and frequency response of the circuit is designed specifically for electric guitar, and can be used in many different tone shaping applications. 


Demo video coming soon!

Preliminary DATA

  • Single Channel Parametric EQ
  • 90Hz-1.1kHz Frequency Response
  • Adjustable +/- 20dB gain
  • Adjustable Q (0.1 octave to 1.1 octaves, continuously variable)
  • Completely independent Frequency, Gain, and Q control
  • I/0

  • Unbalanced 1/4" phone jacks

  • Input Impedance 2.2meg ohms 

  • Output Impedance 50ohms


  • Center Frequency, Bandwidth, Boost/Cut, 
  • Subtract switch - removes passband, passes only filtered input signal to output. Simulated inductor/wah effect. 
  • True Bypass switch