Synapse V2



The Revival Electric SYNAPSE® VOCAL EFFECTS INTEGRATOR is a streamlined solution for musicians desiring to use effects designed for guitars in their microphone signal chain. Since 2008, the Synapse is the first pedal of its kind to deliver peak performance allowing the microphone signal to pass without degradation, while providing a send/return loop for integrating pedals into the path. With a focus on performance over extra features, the Synapse delivers vocalists the highest quality solution without sacrificing sound.



  • Input XLR/TRS [microphone/line]

  • Output XLR [Balanced Line driver]

  • ¼” Unbalanced Send/Return jacks for guitar FX

Performance Features

  • Studio grade balanced mic preamp w/ phantom power

  • Flat frequency response [20-20kHz]

  • Low T.H.D.

  • High SN ratio/Low noise floor [125dB S/N/-112dBv Awtg]


  • Mix pot blends dry mic signal with effects signal from send/return loop

  • Gain pot control for effects send, adjustable from -6dB to 34dB. [Internally compensated for net gain of 0dB - 12dB at XLR out]

  • Bypass footswitch

  • 48V on/off switch


  • 9VDC Negative tip 100mA (2.1mm  (Boss style) jack)

  • Internally generated 48V Phantom power for condenser microphone use.


Every Synapse is assembled by hand and individually tested to ensure they meet or exceed spec. Since 2008, our mission has been to research, develop, and manufacture relevant and unique audio tools.


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